Contender: Ronald

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I look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. You could say it wouldn’t feel like ENDURrun without “fill in the blank” and it would be true, but it’s especially true for Ronald Irwin! Welcome back!! How is your training going? Routine, starting in late April its been an Ultra or Marathon every… Read more »

Contender: Denis

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Looking forward to seeing everyone! Denis Allen is back for Ultimate #6, and his first three-peat! How is your training going? I have a running coach (H+P) now and a solid routine with a lot recovery volume based running 80K to 110K weeks and I keep chipping away at increasing my speed. My week consists… Read more »

Contender: Colleen

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I can’t wait to run with all of you! Colleen Sweeney is back for her second Ultimate and has promised to wear these shorts! You’ve trained for Ultimate before. What did you learn that you will build from (or avoid) this time around? I learned that your mind can take you beyond what you think… Read more »

Contender: Rebecca

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SO happy to be running with you all again this year! Have the best time! Rebecca Kruisselbrink has improved her overall time substantially in her second and third Ultimates. What is in store for number four? How is your training going? good routine, building a bit of volume, and speedwork; trying to stave off a… Read more »

Get to know the the crew behind the H+P logo

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The Health + Performance leaf with H+P logo is omnipresent during ENDURrun. This running and multisport club, centered in Waterloo, Ontario, partners with Run Waterloo all year long, but it really goes to the next level in August. It’s incredible to note that in a record year for our race, close to 2 in 5… Read more »

Contender: Josh

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I’m from Paris Ontario. I started Grand River Endurance club back in 2014 and I work as a kinesiologist at Advanced Therapies clinic. I’m driven to get the most out of myself each day and throughout ENDURrun. Josh Bolton is a great guy who has run several Run Waterloo events throughout the years. We’re always… Read more »

Contender: Sharon

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Hiya! Good luck everyone – I look forward to eating your dust again. See you in a few weeks! Sharon Ditner got her feet wet with ENDURrun through the old Sport category. Now she’s back for a second Ultimate with an impressive goal! What are your ENDURrun 2019 stories? Hope to raise some money for… Read more »

Contender: Michael

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Hi everyone! My name’s Mikey and I’m an ENDURookie! I’m looking forward to seeing you out there, either running with me, or as a volunteer, or cheering us on. Michael Klein is new to ENDURrun with a ton of support behind him. Welcome Mikey! How did you find out about ENDURrun? My running crew in… Read more »

Contender: Costas

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I am an avid long-distance runner, and having been running for over 25 years. I will be completing my 40th Marathon in the Ultimate, all before I turn 40 years old. I plan on expanding my running experiences to ultra marathons in 2020. We’re thrilled to have Costas Farassoglou back back this year. He has… Read more »

Final 2019 Participant Info Package

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For a complete list of rules, start times, cutoff times, directions, etc., this booklet is your guide to the week. Link to the ENDURrun Booklet 2019 PDF Especially for newcomers to the event, keep this PDF handy on your phone all week. To our returning participants: there are a few changes of note in this… Read more »