How are you feeling before Stage 1?

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We asked this question to our contenders on the eve of the 8 day, 7 stage, 160 KM event. This is a sampling of what they had to say: “I’m antsy.” “I’m super nervous.” “Excited!!!” “How fast does one go for stage 1 of a 7 stage event?” “I don’t know where my fitness is… Read more »

Contender: Caroline

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Hello everyone, Caroline here! I’m really excited to meet you all and to spend an amazing week getting to know you. I’m looking forward to this experience and can only imagine the great friendships that will be formed during the week. Happy trails! 🙂 We are so excited to have Caroline Samson-Belair in the field… Read more »

Contender: Savvas

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Endurun community is a source of inspiration, motivation and personal growth and we are blessed to be part of this crazy adventure! One smiley twin is not enough. Thanks Savvas Farassoglou for returning for #5, and dragging your brother with you! How is your training going? In the past two years, I have started doing… Read more »

Contender: Vicki

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I’m looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow! Vicki Zandbergen has it all: eight consecutive Ultimates, Gold Club and 2017 champion, and she even drives Jordan to some of the stages. (thanks in advance) How is your training going? It’s starting to go OK, but I’ve been injured, so there was a big setback. How… Read more »

Contender: Valery

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Welcome rookies, welcome back seasoned veterans! I can’t wait to spend my runcation with all of you, the entire running community, the spectacular volunteers and Schmidt family! Valery Hobson is back to defend her 2018 title, a time which ranks 7th in ENDURrun history. How is your training going? I just try to run lots… Read more »

Sprint and Trail are here

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The Ultimate has always had sub-contests – and now we’re bringing them to life! The Ultimate competition is a well-rounded competition with a well-known formula: 8 days, 7 stages, 160 KM. Less well-known are the sub-contests that are designed to reward runners who specialize in certain disciplines of running. This week we have launched a… Read more »

Contender: Mark I

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Thank you EndurRun family and friends for giving me a fabulous experience. I look forward to seeing all of you there again! We’re honoured to have Mark Ishikawa back this year, especially for Stage 7! You’ve trained for Ultimate before. What did you learn that you will build from (or avoid) this time around? Keeping… Read more »

Contender: Andrew M

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Hi old & new friends: looking forward to sharing a very special week with you all. Pour one out for the banjo – we have Andrew Moizer on the start line this year! How did you find out about ENDURrun? Through my wife (who got a brochure in her race kit from the ScotiaBank Toronto… Read more »

How do Robert Brouillette and Josh Bolton stack up?

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As is typical this time of year, Robert Brouillette is dark on social media. We made the effort to catch up with him and challenger Josh Bolton for a quick update. Each year since 2015, top finishers in the women’s race have been considerably closer than for the men. Robert Brouillette has excelled as he… Read more »

Contender: Chris L

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Hi I’m Chris! I love running. Especially trails. This will be my second Endurrun Ultimate. Before that I did Endurrun Sport once, and have participated in several stages as a guest over the years. It is my favourite week of the year! I am looking forward to running and eating great food with everyone! We… Read more »