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Stage 3 is 30 KM cross country, and for the first time in ENDURrun history, it was held away from Bechtel park.

Shade’s Mill was a well-received replacement, with extra shade and more trail on the 5k loop. Thanks to the Grand River Conservation Authority for hosting us!

Robert Brouillette increased his lead and Valery Hobson moved into 1st place [Stage 3 | Cumulative].

We asked the RD for comments about the changing courses thus far: Being faced with the incredible challenge of replacing venues for 5 of the 7 Stages (due to construction or permit issues), the feedback regarding the first two venue/course changes have been overwhelmingly positive. Regarding the new course for the Half Marathon, overall vs a road course, the new course is quieter, more scenic, less lonely, has more shade, and faster. Regarding the new course at Shade’s Mill, overall vs Bechtel Park, it is 100% trails and comparable if not faster than Bechtel, and has a more park-like setting and atmosphere. So far so good, and a promising indication of a bright future ahead for The ENDURrun.

Tuesday is the third morning Stage in a row, totaling 66.1km. Sleep in tomorrow, because Wednesday evening, the hills of the Grand River Trail await!