What’s Included

All Participants

  • Pre-race REFRESHMENTS prior to each Stage
  • Generous post-race REFRESHMENTS following each Stage
  • A well-deserved post-race MASSAGE by registered practitioners
  • FLUID STATIONS (Gatorade, water) concentrated throughout course
  • WASHROOM STATIONS at Start/Finish and along Marathon course
  • COURSE – varied design and terrain, safe, well-marked, split times
  • VOLUNTEERS – experienced, trained, friendly, helpful
  • Waterloo Regional POLICE course safety services

The massage, refreshments, and fluid stations are there to help you perform your best. Past competitors love the professional massages and claim that it leads to very quick recovery and the legs feeling limber and ready for the next day’s Stage!

All Ultimate Participants Will Receive

  • An ENDURrun commemorative SHIRT
  • Collector ENDURrun PIN
  • White ENDURrun singlet
  • Custom ENDURrun flip flops

All Ultimate Finishers Will Receive

  • Prestigious ENDURrun MEDAL

All Relay and Guest Participants will receive

  • An ENDURrun technical T-SHIRT
  • Collector ENDURrun PIN