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Well done, runners!

Of all the challenges that make The ENDURrun, the 16 mile hilly trail run is one of the highest. We would love to hear what you thought about Baden Hills as a Stage 5 venue. It was our first time ever hosting a timed race there.

Are your legs screaming? Good news for you: there is a 10k track race tomorrow morning!

Heat 1, 7am
Robert Brouillette, Ryan Kruizenga, Christian Belair, Ian Grzegorczyk, Jordan Schmidt, Alexander Tohivsky, Sebastian Warner, Mark McDonald, Antoine Gauthier, Valery Hobson, Vicki Zandbergen, Caroline Samson-Belair, Joe Bell, Jack Kilislian, Merlin Frey, Jonah Istifan, Patrick Kelly
Relay: Aidan Rutherford

Heat 2, 8am
Ultimate: Tyler Dalton, Denis Allen, Lumi Duca, Patrick Robitaille, Tim Coleman, Tony Martin, Christoph Kessel, Sharon Ditner, Chris Ladubec, Mark Roest, Ronald Irwin, Maureen Pecknold, Katelin Ditner, Ron Stuurman, Sara Blanchett
Relay: Jeanette Thompson, Gary Gravelle

Stage 6 has 0m of elevation, but 2.5x as many laps as Stage 5!

One extra thing for all Stage 6 participants: we will be chiptiming the race. Pick up your chips when you sign in, and wear both on your right short, hanging loose outside your clothing.