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Through various distances and disciplines, The ENDURrun is about the ultimate test of running.

Ultimate Event

“8 Days, 7 Stages, 160 KM, 1 Tough Runner”

This is the flagship event of ENDURrun, and it will test you.

The 7 chosen courses for the ENDURrun Stages each show off beautiful aspects of Waterloo Region. Each venue will host a race with a distance from 10 km to the marathon. The total of all Stages is 160 km, or 100 miles. The terrain is varied, the distances are different, but the question remains…who is the most complete runner?

The cumulative time leader after each stage will also have the honour of wearing the GOLD jersey for the following stage.

The ENDURrun is brought to you by an experienced race committee with a long history of innovation, attention to detail, and quality event organization. Join us this August for one incredible week of history in the making. Compete with the best, or cheer on the rest. A celebration of excellence, a runner’s dream.

You could also use The ENDURrun as a training camp. Varying and challenging terrain. Attention to detail and runners’ needs. These are what we provide. You provide the endurance, the sweat, the motivation, the determination. Whether your goal is to win or simply to finish, we are here to help you achieve YOUR goal.

The Ultimate event requires a substantial commitment, of training and of time 8 days, 3 weekday morning Stages). If you can’t make that commitment next year, we have two other ways to participate to get a taste of what ENDURrun is.


  • Do you want to find out what ENDURrun is all about, but don’t want to commit to a major challenge?
  • Interested in a great, accurately measured course that fits into your particular training or racing schedule?
  • Perhaps you like a certain terrain or a certain distance?
  • Are you curious about The ENDURrun, but unsure that you can complete the entire Ultimate or Sport challenge?

We have limited openings for GUEST runners.

‘GUEST’ runners are those runners who wish to run only a certain Stage or a few of The ENDURrun, but not all of them.

You are welcome to all pre-race and post-race refreshments, course support, massage, and to experience the excitement and drama of The ENDURrun.

So, chose a Stage or two, challenge yourself, and build up for next year while supporting The ENDURrun this year.


  • Does Guest sound like fun, but not exciting enough?
  • Rally your friends and club members around a tough project next summer.
  • Assemble Stage specialists (trail/mountain runners, road racers, time trial specialists, marathoners) for the 7 Stages.

Build team spirit and sense of accomplishment. Whether your goal is to win or to finish, you will experience the ultimate running challenge.


  • Teams consist of 2 – 7 runners
  • One member of your team participates in each of the 7 Stages
  • The team with the best cumulative time of their team members will be the winner.
  • A participant can only be on one Relay team. Ultimate participants can only run one stage as a Relay member.
  • Team registrations can be purchased without declaring Stage runners.
  • Relay members must be declared 24 hours before the start of each Stage.

What is the Sport Event?

The ENDURrun SPORT was is a 3 Stage ENDURance test totaling 77.8 km. It was discontinued after 2017.