Contender: Sharon

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Hiya! Good luck everyone – I look forward to eating your dust again. See you in a few weeks! Sharon Ditner got her feet wet with ENDURrun through the old Sport category. Now she’s back for a second Ultimate with an impressive goal! What are your ENDURrun 2019 stories? Hope to raise some money for… Read more »

Contender: Michael

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Hi everyone! My name’s Mikey and I’m an ENDURookie! I’m looking forward to seeing you out there, either running with me, or as a volunteer, or cheering us on. Michael Klein is new to ENDURrun with a ton of support behind him. Welcome Mikey! How did you find out about ENDURrun? My running crew in… Read more »

Contender: Costas

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I am an avid long-distance runner, and having been running for over 25 years. I will be completing my 40th Marathon in the Ultimate, all before I turn 40 years old. I plan on expanding my running experiences to ultra marathons in 2020. We’re thrilled to have Costas Farassoglou back back this year. He has… Read more »

Final 2019 Participant Info Package

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For a complete list of rules, start times, cutoff times, directions, etc., this booklet is your guide to the week. Link to the ENDURrun Booklet 2019 PDF Especially for newcomers to the event, keep this PDF handy on your phone all week. To our returning participants: there are a few changes of note in this… Read more »

Contender: Patrick R

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Hi I’m Pat Robitaille and I am excited to join my first ENDURrun Ultimate Patrick Robitaille is a rookie with a familiar story – joining close to two dozen couples to complete the Ultimate challenge! Welcome Patrick! How did you find out about ENDURrun? Wife Amy ran some guest stages for a few years and… Read more »

Contender: Michelle

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Hi everyone! I’m back! For those who are new, I’m the one who’ll be last to finish each leg. I don’t mind; someone has to lead the procession of police cars at the end of Stage 4. Again. I’m in it for the social aspect and the bragging rights (what, you ran how far?). I’m… Read more »

Contender: Chris M

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Hello fellow people that run! I saw you all having so much fun at this event that I walked up to Lloyd before the marathon stage was even over and told him I wanted to be one of the charity spots for 2019. I’ve always been able to give back to my community through running… Read more »

Contender: Mitch

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Good luck to all participants and I hope you reach your own personal goals. Mitch Wilson is a long-time Run Waterloo runner who has run Chicopee for a relay team the past two years. No relay team this year, no problem! What convinced you to take the plunge? My wife said she would pay for… Read more »

Contender: Ashley

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Hello! Welcome to the dark side. We have cookies. Ashley Sametz is one of only four people all-time who have DNFed Stage 7, and we can’t even pretend to know what that feels like. We’re really glad to have you back the next year! You’ve trained for Ultimate before. What did you learn that you… Read more »

Contender: Bill

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So looking forward to hitting the courses with you all again! Bill Dost had a rough finish in 2018, but he has the experience and motivation (and training and health) to make 2019 a killer! So glad to have you back for the week Bill. How is your training going? All good How will your… Read more »