Contender: Will

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So excited to see you all in Conestogo! What we’re losing in our livestream, we are gaining in having the fit and focused William Spaetzel back in the field for his third Ultimate! How is your training going? I’ve been doing a lot more team workouts to get the speed up and have added weight… Read more »

Contender: Robin

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Oh boy! Hello everyone! Hope to love you all! Robin Richard-Campeau is the 2019 field’s second fastest man by ENDURrun PB. Through the injuries we know he’s going to give it his best effort and we’re excited to have him back for 2019! How is your training going? Because of plantar fasciitis and broken bones… Read more »

Contender: Nick

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Hello, I’m Nick! Nick Burt burst onto the scene in 2017 as the 13th fastest man ever. After taking a 45 minute setback last year, he’s back for the trilogy in 2019! How is your training going? I was hoping to hit some higher mileage (mid/low 100k weeks), but I’ve been having an issue with… Read more »

Contender: Maureen

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Hi. I am Slow Moe. I am an ENDURrunner. I’m told that recovery starts with admission of the addiction. We are thrilled to have Maureen Pecknold back in the field for number nine! Maureen has improved in time each of the past two years. How is your training going? Won’t know for sure until I… Read more »

Contender: Antoine

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Hi all! I’m excited to be an ultimate contender this year. Antoine Gauthier is relatively new to Run Waterloo, but in that time has become a strong member of the community, including with ENDURrun, Running Rarebits, Happy Trails, etc. Welcome Antoine! What is your runner profile? I was a hiker in my past life (until… Read more »

Contender: Paul

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Hi I’m Paul (aka “rungeek”). I’m happy to be coming back for my 6th ENDURrun Ultimate. Paul Mora is another one of our most veteran alumni, having completed the Ultimate as far back as 2009! How is your training going? Training is so-so. Having some injury issues, but hope to be able to finish all… Read more »

Contender: Susan

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Hi friends, old and new! So excited to see everyone in August! We are so excited to welcome Susan Moizer back to the field for the first time since 2014! What are you most looking forward to about ENDURrun 2019? The running of course but also seeing all my wonderful Endurrun friends! What motivates you… Read more »

Contender: Jeanette

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I’m a newbie – a nervous, excited, grateful newbie. Jeanette Thompson is a local runner and RW member who has gained a lot of racing experience over the past few years and took the encouragement from fellow runners to take the Ultimate plunge in 2019! Tell us a little bit about yourself: I have several… Read more »

Contender: Jack

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Hello my name is Jack, and I am an ENDURrun-aholic 🙂 Jack Kilislian is a pillar of the community, being the first entrant in 2019 (and most years), as one of the “crazy eights“, and for keeping our facebook group rocking all year long. Jack was also the first to respond for this interview, so… Read more »

Note on Relay eligibility for 2019

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As with any change to The ENDURrun, here is some historical context. The original purpose of our Relay competition was to introduce participants to the event, and engage those with an interest but reservations about tackling the entire 7 Stages. The hope that the exposure would ultimately translate into more Ultimate entries has proven to… Read more »