These rules were originally published in the info booklet released August 10, 2023 (ENDURrunBooklet2023″>PDF).

1. General

a. Information in this (Final) publication remains subject to change at the discretion of the Race Director.
b. The Race Director’s decision is final concerning any and all discrepancies.
c. The Race Director may increase or decrease the registration cap at any time, to take into consideration anticipated injury withdrawals, to admit entrants whose participation may enhance this event, or to admit entrants whose past association with this event has contributed to its success.

2. Entry

a. Entry Fees are non-refundable, non-deferrable and non-transferrable.
b. The Entry and Waiver Form must be signed by the Entrant or Parent/Guardian without exception.

3. Race Start, Timing, and Time Limits

a. Race Start
i. All participants must check in with the Timing Official at the Start Line prior to each Stage. Runners arriving late are subject to their scheduled start gun.
ii. For staggered starts (Stage 2 – Time trial start and Stage 6 – Track heat start), start orders are set by the Race Director and will be published to no later than 12 hours in advance of the Stage.
iii. For Stage 7, notice for required early starts will be given from the Race Director on the Rest Day.
b. Timing
i. Chip timing: Gun times are provided by individually worn timing chips, and results are posted to the second (rounded up). It is the responsibility of the runner to wear their chips, correctly, during every race. The participant’s two chips must be worn safety pinned, one to each side, between knee and hip, loose hanging.
ii. Ties: For any common starts (Stages 1, 3, 4, 5, 7), ties are broken by unpublished milliseconds. For Stages without common starts (Stages 2 and 6), ties are settled first by Division (Ultimate, then Relay, then Guest) and then by previous Cumulative leader if necessary.
iii. Cumulative standings: If tied, the leader/winner is the Ultimate/Relay team that was previously leading.
c. Time Limits
i. Time limits are firm: Stage 1 – 2:45, Stage 2 – 2:00, Stage 3 – 4:30, Stage 4 – 2:10, Stage 5 – 4:30, Stage 6 – 1:15, Stage 7 – 6:00
ii. At the time limit of Stage 1-6 (or 12:00 noon on Stage 7), course support may be removed and the awards may begin, at the discretion of the Race Director.
iii. Ultimates who miss time limits are permitted to continue the week in Guest-eligible Stages. Relay teams who miss time limits are permitted to make substitutions with restrictions (5a).

4. Identification

a. Jerseys
i. The Gold Jersey must be worn by the cumulative Ultimate time leader after each Stage, in the following Stage. Any jersey alterations must be approved by the Race Director.
ii. Gold or Yellow coloured shirts are not allowed to be worn by other participants, with the exception of Stage 1. At Stage 1, owners of Gold Jerseys (the “Golden Club”) are permitted and encouraged to wear them.
b. Bibs
i. A participant’s race bib must be worn on their front during all Stages. Only participants with official ENDURrun bibs will be allowed on the courses.
ii. If withdrawing from The ENDURrun, a race official must be notified, and the race bib must be surrendered.
iii. 2023 bib colours. Mandatory (worn on front): Ultimate/Red, Relay/Green, Guest/Grey, Pacer/Pink. Optional bibs for Ultimate leaders (worn on back): Overall/Gold, Master/Brown, Rookie/Purple, Sprint/Grey, Trail/Green. Volunteers wear Black bibs.
c. Race organizers and volunteers will be wearing distinctive neon volunteer t-shirts, and all participants are encouraged to request assistance from these race officials at any time.

5. Relay Team Members

a. Team members must be declared no later than 24 hours prior to the start of each Stage. Later substitutions may be permitted – even after the Stage start – for placing consideration but not for prize money consideration.
b. Any participant may participate on only one Relay team.
c. Ultimate participants may run at most one stage for one Relay team.
d. Any Relay team may include at most two Ultimate competitors.

6. Non-Official On-Course Support and Crewing

a. Self-support
i. No poles unless approved by the Race Director; before the Stage and on an individual basis.
b. Crewing
i. Race course assistance is allowed from race officials and from other participants (including running pacing). Race course assistance by any other people must be cleared by the Race Director prior to race start.
ii. Bicycle pacing is never allowed.
iii. “Toonie Pacers” may be permitted to run on the course to benefit Ultimate and Relay participants.
1. They must sign the waiver and pay $2 before the event starts. They must wear two bibs (front and back) to clearly identify themselves as a pacer.
2. To other participants, pacers must not interfere. Pacers should yield to other participants on narrow sections.
3. For their participant, pacers cannot block wind, or carry supplies such as water or gels.
4. Pacers may receive on-course support from volunteers, but do not receive an official time, post-race food, or swag.
5. Spots are limited and only available in Stages 1, 3, 4, and 7.
6. Participants (Ultimate and Relay) must confirm their pacers before the Stage, and are allowed up to two pacers per Stage.
7. Any Ultimate participant or Relay team whose pacer breaks these rules will be restricted from any future pacing, from as early as the moment of infraction.

7. Results and Awards

a. No collusion. Participants are not allowed to make arrangements prior to, during or after the event pertaining to the splitting of prize money. The integrity of The ENDURrun will be vigorously protected.
b. If there are fewer than 3 male or 3 female Ultimate participants, all participants will compete in an Open category, where prizes are awarded without gender distinction.
c. For the Relay division, prize money will be distributed if there are at least five teams in the division. Categories of Relay teams, such as Female and Masters, will be noted but not awarded in 2023.
d. For Ultimate prize money, the Ultimate must finish the week to collect any prizes.
e. An individual’s Rookie year begins at the Stage 1 start line, whether or not the Ultimate is completed that year.

8. Courses

a. We don’t comprehensively marshal all 160 KM of The ENDURrun. We do our absolute best to provide safe and clearly marked courses for all Stages, utilizing the following resources: volunteer marshals, Waterloo Regional REACT, cones, flags, caution tape, spray paint, direction markers, kilometre markers, water stations, course maps and descriptions.
b. The chance for unforeseen events is equal to all participants. These events would include traffic accidents, traffic congestion, unplanned and non-marshalled traffic lights, police or fire emergencies, citizens moving course markers, trains, dogs, etc. Should a participant experience one of these events, it will be deemed an unforeseen event, and no additional consideration will be given to the participant.
c. Participants who leave the race course must re-enter at the same point.
d. Where trails are wide, participants must run within one or two feet of the right side of the trail at all times, unless otherwise instructed. Cutting corners or tangents will not be allowed because the courses are measured by specifically following the right-hand side, so by cutting corners and tangents, you will not be running the entire distance.
e. Penalties for course violations could vary from time penalties (eg. one minute) to event disqualification. Reports of course violations will be reviewed by the Race Director for final decision.
f. Track info (Stage 6)
i. There is one water station on the course at 200m (inside and outside lanes). There is one portable toilet at the 200m.
ii. There will be a clock at the start/400m line. The heat leader’s laps will be counted on a flip chart at the start/400m line. Runners should keep track of how many times they have been lapped so that they can easily calculate their own lap.
iii. Track rules:
1. The only rule is that a runner must stay to the right of the inside line of Lane 1. Everything else is etiquette.
iv. Track etiquette:
1. Do not run in groups. Do not run two people wide.
2. Once lapped, a runner could move out of the inside lane.
3. If you hear “Track” from behind, continue forward at your pace and move half a lane to the right as soon as it is clear to do so. (“Track” is only used for passing on the left. To pass on the right, no communication is necessary.)
4. When finishing, keep moving, and move to the right when it is clear to do so.
5. Don’t make sudden lateral movements.