Sun shines on the first ENDURrun track Stage 6

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On a day when many runners were woken by thunder, we got a little of everything on the track in Waterloo. Full Stage 6 results including heats | Lap splits available at | Cumulative results after Stage 6 Women Robyn Collins added a few minutes and sits 26 minutes up on Catherine Desrosiers. Vicki… Read more »

Who or what inspired you today?

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When you have a love/hate relationship with ski hills and associated trails, you need to draw inspiration. We asked the Ultimates where they got it today. Runner is Ken, he earned it! Volunteer …whoever decided on the pasta , it rocked my world! The Hergott family are DA BOMB when it comes to volunteer stations…. Read more »

Stage 6: Heat assignments and start times

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For the first time, Stage 6 is a 10,000m track race with heats. These heats are based on Cumulative Time after Stage 5, with minor adjustments for Relay seed time. We divided the field in to three heats of 22 runners. The first (fastest) heat starts at 7:00 a.m.; the second starts after the final… Read more »

Perfect day at Chicopee for monumental performances

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Last year, Chicopee had heartbreak in store for Robyn Collins. Crushing the 2018 ENDURrun, even a small setback (+5 min split from fastest to slowest lap) allowed Valery Hobson to drop the hammer and take a lead she would not relinquish. This year, Robyn ran a consistent and controlled race and cleared a major obstacle… Read more »

Photos and video at Run Waterloo events like ENDURrun

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ENDURrun generates tons of media content. Here’s what’s up. This relies on an a whole system of volunteers to help make your experience as good as possible. Photos Our team of Julie Schmidt, Jeff Wemp, and Ryan McGovern (among others) is everywhere from capturing the range of emotions to editing and uploading photos. By the… Read more »

Hey Ultimate, how are you feeling?

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Like summer camp or the final season of Game of Thrones, everything has an end to come to. For ENDURrun, that is three days from now. In this context, we asked the Ultimates how they’re feeling. Rookies Mitch – I already feel a sense of accomplishment but still a ways to go. I am taking… Read more »

Our interview with the super Joyce Brouillette

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We took some time on our day off to chat with Joyce. If you’ve been around ENDURrun for the past five years, you definitely know Joyce. She is the ball of lightning that is doing so many different things, and always with a smile. Here’s our interview: Who are you? My name is Joyce and… Read more »

Looking forward to 2020

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From Lloyd Schmidt, Race Director Already, 2019 has been a truly great year. It looks like a lot of hard work and commitment is showing in the performances this year, with so many PB’s and EB’s. Lately I’ve been hearing lots of excitement about the track race, the great competition, and the event in general…. Read more »

Stage 4: Rob inches closer

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Hills, check. Sunset, check. Feast, check. Mosquitoes, check. Extra rest before and after Stage 4 makes it an interesting challenge. Well done participants – we’re halfway there. Results Robert Brouillette edged a 47 second victory, but Josh Bolton retains the Gold Jersey by 1:06 heading into the rest day. Aidan Rutherford ran a huge EB… Read more »

Make Mintz Sweat for KidsAbility gets a boost

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Chris Mintz is fundraising for KidsAbility. ENDURrun doesn’t have a problem making people sweat, but Mintz has taken it to the next level with this amazing fundraising campaign. You’ve probably seen these challenges all over social media for the past month, and it just keeps getting better. The stakes get raised Beyond the campaign, knowing… Read more »