The Thousand Club

This exclusive club has 0 members.

Launched in 2018, this will recognize the truest pillars of the community. Any ENDURrunner who has 10 Ultimate finishes will earn ultra-exclusive perks such as free entries, merchandise, and cap exceptions.

As of 2019, there are four runners in contention to be the first members in 2020. The Nutty Nines:


The chase pack
8 Finishes: Joanne Bink, Wilf Goron, Stefan Gudmundson
7 Finishes: Jodi Kalman, Patrick Kelly, Sara Blanchett

Run Waterloo Member Achievements
A sidenote to this contest: the Thousand Club also has it’s own glorious badge in the Member Achievements.

Past updates
As of 2018, there were six runners in contention. The Crazy Eights: