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Such was Susan Moizer’s experience in 2015.

All of our profiles so far have covered Ultimate runners currently in the competition. Susan’s story is different – she did not start Stage 1.

This story starts in 2015, when Susan, a three-time Ultimate finisher, sustained some devastating injuries that significantly affected her running and kept her off the start line for Stage 1 that year. It was an emotionally tough experience, harder, in her estimation, than her three finishes.

In 2017, Susan is back as a volunteer with a fresh perspective. She pulled the plug on a potential Ultimate attempt six weeks ago due to injury and how it has affected her training. Don’t get us wrong – we love having Susan in the neon shirt – but by Stage 3, she was starting to really long for the running side of the 8 Days, 7 Stages challenge. Susan knows that Friday is going to be a tough day as well (Stage 5 is her favourite), but she will get in the action as the Stage 6 runner for one of the #TeamLloyd Relay Teams.

The Stage 1 DNS is a complicated decision, especially after you’ve invested time, money, and emotions into the event. Sometimes it’s for the better, but it still doesn’t make it easy.┬áSusan, it’s great to have you back this year, and we look forward to having you in the field again!