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How fast would you run a 10 KM race, the day before a marathon?

How fast could you go the day after Stage 5? Stage 6 is only 10 kilometres, but it is tricky. It’s popular for Guests and unpopular among Ultimates for similar reasons; flat and fast can be a bad recipe if you’re racing the next day.

Everyone was in good spirits at the start line in Elmira, despite the humidity. Most Ultimates use the 10 kilometres of Mennonite countryside as a recovery run.

There is no change in leadership for Ultimate, Sport or Relay to report. The H+P Women’s A team didn’t win the stage, but their lead over the second-place team has grown to 10:16.

All of today’s results  |  Current cumulative results after Stage 6

Tomorrow morning, runners start at 6:00am or 7:30am for Stage 7: Marathon. Robert Brouillette is 3:56 behind his own third-place time after six Stages from 2015. Rob has a comfortable lead of 1:18:54 over Mark Meyers.

Angela Batsford-Mermans is ahead of her 2015 pace, but trails her personal record after six Stages (2014) by 13:26. Second-place Vicki Zandbergen is 23:54 behind Angela’s pace after Stage 6.

Early look at photos below. More soon!