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It's now that you can savor Franconia's carved granite - and the surrounding 5,000-foot mountains - in all their rime-encrusted splendor with rarely a peep heard. These 8 trails are sure to have you tearing it up all season long. I wasted no time in putting on my snowshoes. Lunch: bring your own; otherwise soup and baked goods are available during the day. The Lonesome Lake Hut was originally built as a fishing camp by W.C. Prime in 1876. Our hut naturalists love to share their knowledge about local wildflowers, geology, and hut history during talks before and after dinner. During the summer months, you can stay overnight at the Lonesome Lake Hut where you can reserve a room and have a nice family meal. AMC has a long-standing commitment to using its huts, lodges and sporting camps as models for sustainable operations and environmental stewardship. Ski or snowshoe to Lonesome Lake Hut for a serene winter escape. 0 (24 hours), AMC Reservations: 603-466-2727Monday-Saturday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM. When we reached its edge we saw another group crossing the ice to Lonesome Lake Hut. The High Lonesome Hut is located east of US 40 between Fraser and Tabernash, near Meadow Creek Reservoir, about 65 miles west of Denver and 15 minutes west of Winter Park. Winter Hut trip to New Hampshire's Lonesome lake hut. Soft snow, miles of trails and stunning scenery in every direction. A Bunk with pillow is provided, but blankets are not available during self-service season and the bunkhouse is unheated. Lighting is limited to common areas only. Thankfully, the Appalachian Mountain Club keeps its Lonesome Lake Hut open in winter. Don’t forget to stop by the AMC Lonesome Lake Hut or stay overnight for some great food, friendly faces, and homey amenities. This hike is the quickest and easiest way to get to both peaks in one hike. AMC’s Huts receive 2015 Grand Adventure award from It offers amazing views of the Franconia Range. Dinner is served family-style at 6:00 PM sharp and includes fresh bread, soup, salad, a hearty entrée, and dessert. Lonesome Lake Hut joins two other AMC lodges that are open year-round. The below video is a celebration of Lennie’s retirement. or if there is food I can purchase there before heading back down to the campground? © Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved. Weather permitting, and depending on group, we'll plan to summit North and South Kinsmans (two NH 4000-footers) Sunday. Book time is estimated at 1 hr, 20 min. Huts 125th Anniversary celebrated on NPR’s ” Here and Now.”. Grab your sense of adventure and head to New Hampshire this winter to explore exhilarating outdoor experiences like ziplining, fat biking, dogsledding. Monadnock State Park Monadnock State Park is located in and around the 3,165-ft. Mount Monadnock. Also, a (hopefully) snowy weekend of hiking, focusing on scenery and good company. There are many responsibilities being a caretaker, but the perks are great – access to hiking trails and an intimate relationship with the mountains. In the summer she works for the Forest Service. Summit: 1300. The Lafayette campground parking lot is directly accessible by I-93 north and south. Cold running water is available in the washrooms. There are many responsibilities being a caretaker, but the perks are great – access to hiking trails and an intimate relationship with the mountains. More experienced hikers will find plenty of challenge, with nearby Cannon Mountain, the Kinsman Ridge, and miles of Appalachian Trail beyond. AMC’s Hiker Shuttle connects the Highland Center, Pinkham Notch Visitor Center, and the towns of Lincoln and Gorham with major trails to the huts, allowing hikers to start and end their trip at different points. Lonesome Lake Hut Trail Conditions and Trip Reports are crowdsourced from many hiking websites across the Internet. The loop goes around the lake and back down to the campground. Lonesome Lake Hut (AMC) is located on--you guessed it--Lonesome Lake, at 2760 feet. Park in the Lafayette Campground. Appalachian Mountain Club, 10 City Square, Boston, MA 02129 P: 617-523-0655 F: 617-523-0722. Kinsman Pond was the goal of others. Trailhead: 1030. The hut was built in 1930 and has had some improvements in recent years, adding some new composting toilets and creating better handicapped access. Reservations are required (call 603-466-2727). Others wanted to gain a 4,000-footer — Cannon Mountain. $70 includes hut … The westernmost hut on the Appalachian Trail, Lonesome Lake Hut is a two hour winter hike from the road and the perfect place for experience winter hikers seeking mountain views from the water's edge. Sunny Winter Day Greenleaf Hut - 4200' Located near Eagle Lake, Greenleaf is a popular hut with dayhikers.The hut sleeps 48 in two bunkrooms with a crew of 5 people. The trail ends at the junction with the Fishin' Jimmy Trail.The Lonesome Lake A.M.C. Lonesome Lake Hut. Getting to these huts requires a bit of a hike, with some longer than others, and none are a small task in the winter. All rated as easy-to-moderate plus they check the box for kid-friendly. Grab the kids, bundle up and celebrate the colder months with these 7 family-friendly activities. Here’s 8 unique ways to experience fall’s breath-taking beauty. The caretaker may light a fire in the main building after 4:00 PM. Use the gear guides below to make sure you’re packing everything you need for comfort and safety. Our return downhill hike on the same trail was one and a quarter hours. The caretaker J.P. For those just starting their career in backpacking, hiking up to Lonesome Lake from the Lonesome Lake trail head is an excellent venture. NH is home to 48 peaks over 4000 feet so if you’re up for a challenge head this way. Becky, caretaker at the Lonesome Lake Hut Weather permitting, and depending on group, we'll plan to summit North and South Kinsmans (two NH 4000-footers) Sunday. I headed west on the Basin Cascade Trail, eventually joining the Cascade Brook Trail, which led me to Lonesome Lake, a serene body of water 1,000 feet above the notch floor. So I'll be camping at the base of the lonesome lake trail (Lafayette campground) and was wondering if I hike up to lonesome lake huts, is there a way I can pay for just the 6pm dinner without actually staying in the huts? So this video is just around the ice covered lake. This was my first time taking my girlfriend Tracey out in winter, and her first time ever hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This White Mountain trail leaves from Lafayette Campground and ascends 1,000 feet to Lonesome Lake hut and shore. AMC offers a Hiker Shuttle to major hut trailheads from Highland Center and Pinkham Notch Visitor Center/Joe Dodge Lodge (summer and fall). Lonesome Lake Hut in Winter Staring in December 2002 it has been open in winter on a "self service" basis: At AMC Self-service huts, guests provide their own food and have full use of the hut's stove, oven, and cookware to prepare their own meals. This was done in late November and the trail was virtually empty of others with some of the first snow of winter on the ground and the lake froze over. View a complete schedule. In winter, they start a fire at 4pm, and you share access to the spacious kitchen. It’s all self-service this time of year, which is to say you’re responsible for your own food. Be prepared for severe weather regardless of season, dress in layers (including synthetic or wool base and insulating layers, and a windproof/waterproof outer shell), eat high energy foods, and stay hydrated. Each guest is provided with a pillow and 3 wool blankets. Dinner and breakfast are included with your stay. Kids can complete an activity booklet to earn their Junior Naturalist patch. Lonesome Lake Hut offers co-ed bunkrooms and separate washrooms with toilets. This 3.1 mile loop is located in Franconia Notch. This trail starts at Lonesome Lake Trail and heads south following the western shore. Pinkham Notch Visitor Center603-466-2721, ext. The AMC Hiker Shuttle runs daily for most of the full-service hut season, from early June to mid-September.

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