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Chris Watts has revealed the grisly details of exactly how he killed his pregnant wife and two daughters in a letter from prison. Chris Watts posing with his family, who he would go on to brutally slay to make way for a life with his mistress. Watts went from helping the investigation and saying he had no idea where they were – to confessing. It is thought that the house is now worth approximately $645,000. Fionnuala O’Leary, The Sun October 7, 2020 12:43pm The sum consists of $300,000 for Shanann and $75,000 for each of the girls. For those who know the story of the case, American Murder: The Family Next Door shows mug police footage of Chris Watts hours after he murdered his family, as well as the moment of confession. Typically, life insurance policies will not be paid for suicide or if one spouse murders the other. By Andrea Park American Murder: The Family Next Door tells of the murder of Shanann Watts and her three children, Bella, Celeste and unborn son Nico Lee, at the hands of Chris Watts in 2018.. Shanann and her two daughters were found to be missing the day after she had returned from a trip. After finally admitting what he had done, on August 21st 2018 Chris Watts was charged. 6,169 Shares Tweet. Strange though, that following Dr. Phil the Weld County District Attorney didn’t hold a press conference letting America know the mysterious motive has been solved – and on national television: Chris Watts is a convicted murderer who confessed to the killing of Shannan Watts and their two daughters, four-year-old Bella and three-year-old Celeste, on August 13, 2018, in … I can’t even think about it. We quickly learn throughout the course of The Family Next Door that Chris' mother, Cindy Watts, did not get along with her daughter-in-law, Shanann, in the slightest. ... “Now that I know who he is, it gives me the chills! Chris Watts is now in jail for life without parole for the heinous killings (Picture: Handout) Where is Chris Watts now? Chris Watts made headlines after he killed his wife, Shanann Watts — who was 15 weeks pregnant at the time — and his two daughters on August 13, 2018. Chris Watts murdered his family to start over with his mistress, and now that it’s over, many wonder where his mistress Nichol Kessinger is now. The 33-year-old was arrested on August 21, 2018, on suspicion of murder by police in Denver. Chris Watts' Ex-Girlfriend, Nichol Kessinger, Helped Put Him Behind Bars "With a pregnant woman and two children missing, I was going to do anything that I could." Nichol Kessinger Becomes Chris Watts’ Girlfriend. According to a report by, Chris Watts is currently serving five life sentences in prison and also more 84 years for other crimes. ‘American Murder: The Family Next Door’ is the newest and creepiest Netflix true-crime documentary, chronicling one of the most heinous crimes in America in recent years. by Ellen Killoran. Chris Watts' alleged mistress claims he was violent during sex. The 33-year-old was arrested on August 21, 2018, on suspicion of murder by police in Denver. The Colorado home where Chris Watts murdered his wife Shanann and their daughters, Bella and Celeste, will be up for auction in 2019. Watts pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and other related charges in November 2018. Chris Watts claimed he text his wife numerous times but didn't receive any response Credit: Facebook. Watts has also agreed to pay Shanann's family $6 million in damages. So where is Chris Watts now and what is his life like? We know that Watts is currently serving five life sentences without the possibility of parole in a maximum-security prison in Wisconsin. Born in 1988, Nichol Kessinger was known for having a keen interest in geology. The girlfriend of Chris Watts, the Colorado man serving multiple life sentences for murdering his pregnant wife, Shanann, and two daughters, helped police crack the case. For all the people who are wondering about where is Chris Watts now here is everything you need to know about it. Chris Watts killed his pregnant Shanann Watts and unborn son as well as his two daughters and now people think they've spotted the moment his wife sent police a message from beyond the grave Chris Watts’ mistress made devastating sacrifice after he killed wife and daughters As he languishes behind bars, let’s take a look at what Chris Watts’ girlfriend really knew — and where she is now. His wife Shanann and the couple's two young daughters were found dead at the oil … ‘I had to put the girls in the tanks so they wouldn’t get up the second time’: SHOCK confession from killer dad Chris Watts, who now says he planned family murder, and had earlier tried to kill his daughters: Report. October 2, 2019. Source:Supplied They had planned to call the unborn child Niko . The family next door on Netflix is a gritty new true crime documentary about the Watts murders of … Find the answers to the biggest questions about Chris Watts, his wife Shanann Watts and Chris Watts' girlfriend Nichol Kessinger from Netflix's new documentary, American Murder: The Family Next Door. No mention was made of Shanann’s unborn son. Shanann’s family asked prosecutors not to seek a death penalty for Watts. Where is Chris Watts now? Simple – because he’s a narcissistic psychopath. Documents Show That Anna Nowak, Chris Watts’s Prison Girlfriend, ... [Facebook] groups about the case. Chris Watts’ Parents Now Say They ‘Accept’ Their Son Murdered Shanann, Bella, and Celeste Alberto Luperon Nov 19th, 2018, 1:27 pm For days, Christopher Watts ‘ parents Cindy and Ronnie Watts have suggested that his Nov. 6 guilty plea for killing his pregnant wife Shanann , and daughters Bella and Celeste might have been coerced. Killer Dad Chris Watts Is 'Tormented By His Past' in Prison, Says Source ... As the case headed for trial, Watts, now 34, pleaded guilty to all three killings. He had a rape fantasy. Chris Watts, the 33-year-old Colorado man who pleaded guilty to killing his pregnant wife, Shanann, and their two young daughters in November 2018, probably hasn’t had it easy since he began serving time for his heinous crimes.. When a seemingly normal, loving husband, Chris Watts, murders his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts, and two small children, Bella and CeCe, seemingly out of the blue, then tries to cover it up, it’s a lot to digest. Chris Watts had a $450k life insurance policy through his employer that would pay out in the event of an untimely death. Chris Watts claimed he text his wife numerous times but didn't receive any response Credit: Facebook The 33-year-old was arrested on August 21, 2018, on suspicion of murder by police in Denver. Chris Watts claimed he text his wife numerous times but didn't receive any response Credit: Facebook. She did not know any of the Watts prior to this case,” the Reddit user wrote in 2019. What happened to Chris Watts? Why did Chris Watts do what he did? Here Daily Star Online shares what happened to Chris Watts after confessing to the triple murder, and where he is now. However, others believe she was just as culpable for the murders as Watts himself.

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